At the 3rd Canadian Obesity Summit, which was held in Vancouver from May 1-4, HALO researchers made a total of 17 poster and oral presentations of their research. Details of the posters and presentations are below.


  1. Kevin Belanger, Peter Breithaupt, Zachary Ferraro, Nick Barrowman, Jane Rutherford, Stasia Hadjiyannakis, Rachel ColleyDo Obese Children Perceive Submaximal and Maximal Exertion Differently?
  2. Jean-Philippe Chaput, Michael Borghese, Travis Saunders, Marie-Eve Mathieu, Mélanie Henderson, Mark Tremblay, Jennifer O’Loughlin. Combined Associations Between Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Children.
  3. Annick Buchholz, Jane Rutherford, Charmaine Mohipp, Laurie Clark, Kristi Adamo, Gary Goldfield, Stasia HadjiyannakisThe Medical and Mental Health Status of Children and Youth With Severe Complex Obesity.
  4. Zachary Ferraro, Kate Boehm, Laura Gaudet, Kristi Adamo. Counselling About Gestational Weight Gain and Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy: Canadian Maternity Care Providers’ Self-Evaluation.
  5. Zachary Ferraro, Qing Qiu, Andree Gruslin, Kristi AdamoMaternal Obesity and Excessive Gestational Weight Gain Alter the Maternal-Fetal Insulin-Like Growth Factor Axis.
  6. Kristi Adamo, Kimberley Grattan, Alysha Harvey, Patti-Jean Naylor, Viviene Temple, Shanna Wilson, Gary GoldfieldDoes a Physical Activity Daycare Intervention Impact Body Composition and Gross Motor Skills? A Pilot Randomized Control Trial.
  7. Shanna Wilson, Zachary Ferraro, Gary Goldfield, Stasia Hadjiyannakis, Éric Doucet, Kristi AdamoAppetite Signaling Proteins, Glucose and Appetite Sensations in Obese Adolescents with Subclinical Binge Eating Disorder.

 Oral Presentations

  1. Kristi Adamo, Rhonda Bell, Zachary Ferraro, Laura Gaudet, Andrée Gruslin, Helena Piccinini‐Vallis, Christian Rueda-Clausen. Obesity & Fetal Programming: How Important Is 9 Months Anyway?.
  2. Anna Aylett, Annick Buchholz, Laurie Clark, Stasia Hadjiyannakis, Jane Rutherford5A’s of Pediatric Obesity Management.
  3. Jean-Philippe ChaputPlenary Hot Topics & Controversies: Is it Time to Address Lack of Sleep in Health Promotion?
  4. Sonia Jean-PhilippeComparison of Pregnant Nulli- and Multiparous Women Attitude to Weight Gain.
  5. Zachary FerraroMaternal Lipid Metabolism Correlates With Surrogate Markers of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Bioavailability in Maternal and Umbilical Cord Serum.
  6. Kendra BrettThe Characterization of Fatty Acid Transport Protein 4 in Third Trimester Placentas from Lean and Obese Pregnancies.
  7. Kristi AdamoPlenary Hot Topics & Controversies: Is it Time to Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy?
  8. Mark TremblayPlenary Hot Topics & Controversies: Is Sitting Around Killing Us?
  9. Stasia HadjiyannakisThe Edmonton Obesity Staging System for Pediatrics (EOSS-P): A Proposed Clinical Staging System for Pediatric Obesity.
  10. Kendra Brett, on behalf of Dr. Andree Gruslin. The Placenta: an instigator.