Drs. Zach Ferraro, Jean-Philippe Chaput and Kristi Adamo are co-authors on a paper, “The potential value of sleep hygiene for a healthy pregnancy: a brief review,” that was recently published in ISRN Family Medicine. A summary of the paper and citation details are below.

Zachary M. Ferraro, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Andrée Gruslin, Kristi B. Adamo. The potential value of sleep hygiene for a healthy pregnancy: a brief review. ISRN Family Medicine, Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 928293, 7 pages.

ABSTRACT: The quality of the intrauterine environment influences maternal-fetal health and also offspring predisposition to obesity and cardiometabolic disease later in life. Several determinants, including but not limited to pregravid obesity and excessive gestational weight gain, alter the developmental milieu, fetal growth, and child obesity risk. However, the role of sleep and its relationship to healthy pregnancy is not fully established. Given the host of psychosocial and physiological complications associated with childhood obesity, targeting the gestational period is purported to be an opportune time for preventive intervention. Many longitudinal studies suggest that short sleep duration is a risk factor for the development of impaired glycemia and obesity. However, there is a dearth of information concerning the role of sleep hygiene and its role in a healthy pregnancy. Reports note disrupted and poorer quality of sleep during gestation and highlight an association between reduced sleep and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus. Given the lack of well-designed human trials assessing the value of sleep and healthy pregnancy outcomes, this review summarizes current evidence which suggests that incorporating sleep recommendations and utilizing time management strategies that encourage a healthful night ’s sleep may improve the health of the mom and the baby.

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