Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput was recently interviewed for a story, “Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, heart problems,” that ran on CBC News Ottawa on February 19th.

From the story:

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput, an obesity specialist based at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, said there is a strong link between sleep and body weight.

“We know that lack of sleep causes weight gain in kids, in adults,” Chaput said.

Chaput said people who sleep less to tend to eat more and be more inactive compared to those who sleep more.

His group recently conducted a study looking at all of the factors that contributed to weight gain and found that, even factoring for food intake and exercise, lack of sleep remained the number one factor.

Chaput said adults are encouraged to sleep between seven to eight hours a night, while children are encouraged to sleep for 10 hours in order to get a full rest.

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