CBC News ran a story yesterday, “Preschoolers’ playtime needs to be more active,” that profiles Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research, which aims to get preschoolers at daycare more physically active.

From the story:

Scientist Kristi Adamo at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario has been providing daycares with a physical activity curriculum and resources. She’s running a randomized trial to compare how training early childhood educators alone, or both the instructors and the parents, could increase kids’ physical activity compared with the standard curriculum. The goal is to get at least 180 minutes a day of activity.

“Children enjoy being active. The issue is getting daycare providers to change their behaviour,” Adamo said. Traditionally, the preschool curriculum focuses on reading, writing and arithmetic.

“What we have been trying to do is to show them how to use a small space and to be creative with that space and to engage the kids in physical activity,” Adamo said.

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