HALO’s Clinical Scientist, Dr. Gary Goldfield, was recently quoted in an online article published by itbusiness.ca, “Fighting fat with smartphone apps.” On page 2 of the article, the following statement was made in reference to some past research of Dr. Goldfield’s:

Dr. Gary Goldfield of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute tried to explore whether a Web portal and email support program would help overweight kids aged eight to 12 get healthier, but about 70 per cent of the families dropped out of the study. The top reason for dropping out was a desire for face-to-face rapport instead of virtual support, followed by the annoyance of having to log in online to participate, Goldfield says, adding that a mobile app may have overcome the latter participation barrier.

Still, other studies have shown Web programs and mobile apps to be more effective tools for preventing obesity relapse than in meeting initial weight loss targets, Goldfield says.

“I think there is potential. There are a lot of people with smartphones now,” Goldfield says. “In terms of technology, we haven’t done enough clinical trials (to see) if it’s effective or who it’s most effective for.”

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