The October issue of the Alberta Centre for Active Living’s WellSpring publication features an article on the SBRN Terminology Consensus Project titled, “New sedentary behaviour definitions: A terminology consensus project by the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network“.

From the article:

Research studying sedentary time and sedentary behaviours has experienced substantial increases during the last 10 years. This research highlights the association between excessive sedentary behaviour and adverse health indicators or outcomes. However, as this field of research has grown, so too has confusion and inconsistency over the definition of sedentary behaviour and other related terms (e.g., screen time, sedentary behaviour patterns, bouts, breaks). In 2012, the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network (SBRN; a network connecting sedentary behaviour researchers and health professionals from around the world interested in sedentary behaviour research) published a letter proposing definitions aimed at clarifying differences between “sedentary behaviour” and “physical inactivity”.

There remains, however, a need for further refinement and consensus on a variety of related and emergent terms (e.g., screen time, standing, sitting, reclining). Building on previous work, the SBRN orchestrated a comprehensive effort to further develop consensus definitions for terms related to sedentary behaviour research, for all age groups and for all physical abilities, through engagement of its membership.

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