Afekwo Mbonu, a HALO intern this past summer, is a Master of Public Health candidate at Lakehead University. This week she was featured on Dr. Travis Saunders’ blog, Obesity Panacea, where she discussed walking meetings as a way to reduce the health risks associated with prolonged sitting in the work environment.

From the blog post:

With modern technologies forcing employees into sedentary occupations, workplace pressures to maintain long hours, and social norms to “stay connected”, advising individuals to reduce their sedentary time during the workday can be challenging and in some cases, unrealistic.

Incorporating walking meetings into the work environment may be a feasible solution. Walking meeting rooms are mapped routes that are used to replace conventional meetings rooms where participants are seated.

Walking meetings can be an effective way of breaking-up prolonged sitting without disrupting workplace productivity. Evidence suggests that reducing sitting bouts during the work day is achievable and such changes do not necessarily disrupt workplace performance.

Afekwo also discusses HALO’s recent incorporation of walking meetings into their routine at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute.

Click here to read Afekwo’s blog post in full.