Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput (co-chair of the Pediatric Committee) and his colleagues across Canada recently received a grant from CIHR to launch the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network ($4,000,000 over 5 years). The Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network (CSCN) will bring together the research community with partner organizations in order to address challenges associated to cross-linked sleep/circadian research and develop effective solutions. The CSCN organizing committee consists of 50 investigators from 17 universities as well as partners/stakeholders.

Addressing the role of sleep in public health requires large cohort studies and integrated platforms. CSCN will create a multicenter Canadian database on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. CSCN will also consolidate the Canadian leading role in international initiatives on sleep disorders by providing a national infrastructure for biobanking and genetic analyses. In addition, CSCN will develop, validate, and evaluate interventions for sleep and circadian disorders that will contribute to advances in evidence-based clinical practice. Finally, CSCN will optimize training of the next generation of researchers and health clinicians in the areas of sleep and circadian rhythms and will bridge gaps between research outcomes and health improvement by accelerating translation of research discoveries.