Congratulations to HALOites Dr. Patricia Longmuir, Angelica Blais, Kevin Moncion, Natasha Cinanni, Stacey Alpous, Sunny Xia and Warsame Yusuf for their outstanding representation of HALO at the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine conference from August 10-13th in Knoxville, Tennessee. Stacey did a great job of presenting the CAPL screening test in the first oral presentation of the conference. There were also 7 poster presentations (which also required a 2-min oral summary) spread over the 4-day conference.

The presentations given at the conference were:

  • Canadian Physical Literacy (CaPL) Screen: Simple Quick, and Accurate Identification of Children with Important Physical Literacy Deficits – Stacey Alpous
  • An Interactive Gym Game to Assess Physical Activity Adequacy and Predilection: The CSAPPA Questionnaire for Children Unable to Read and Write – Angelica Blais
  • Enhancing Physical Activity Knowledge of Grade 6 Students: The Y Kids Academy – Warsame Yusuf
  • Identifying Children with Medically Necessary Physical Activity Restrictions: Optimizing their Safe and Successful Participation with Peers and in Community – Sunny Xia
  • Conveying Physical Activity Recommendations to Youth with Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes: Development of a Knowledge Translation Tool – Kevin Moncion
  • Parent Perceptions of the Academic Mission of a Pediatric Tertiary Care Centre: Impact on Research and Teaching – Pat Longmuir
  • Vague In, Vague Out: How Published Guidelines May Make it Difficult for Cardiologists to Provide Specific Activity Recommendations – Angelica Blais
  • Physical Inactivity in Very Young Children with Congenital Heart Defects Cannot be Explained by Motor Development, Hospitalization or Cardiopulmonary Bypass Exposure – Natasha Cinanni