From CHEOnet:

Under fledgling, blue summer skies, the HALO whippersnappers (officially Team 2) battled back to take the Munter Cup from defending champs, the HALO geezers (officially Team 1), in a thrilling overtime win — an inspiring display of physical literacy prowess. A photo of the winning team is at the bottom.

This year the Munter Cup expanded to eight teams from across the organization, including Genetics, OCTC School, Materials Management, Clinical Engineering, Laboratory Services, Communications and, yes, HALO.

Alex Munter was on hand to get the tournament underway with the ceremonial ball drop, setting in motion the sounds of sticks and bouncing balls, and an abundance of smiling and celebration.  The spirit of #oneteam was alive and well.  A special shout-out to the Scool team (OCTC School) and the Green Galumphers (Communications plus), who took the prize in the Spirit category!

Thanks to all of the teams who participated.  And a big thanks to the awesome organizers, Andrea Winters and Allison Franceschina. Without you this event wouldn’t happen!  See you next year! After all, nothing says summer like ball hockey and the Munter Cup.

The HALO whippersnappers (officially Team 2) celebrating their win.