A new documentary titled “Kids vs. Screens” will be broadcast on CBC on November 13, 2020, at 9 pm.

“In Kids vs. Screensa documentary from The Nature of Things, guest host Dan Riskin, a biologist, science journalist and author, explores the latest research to discover how “digital babysitters” can affect children’s development, learning abilities and mental health. A father of three, Riskin is on a quest to understand the science of screen time, traveling everywhere from a brain imaging lab using Robert Munsch stories as a research tool to a kindergarten classroom where he gets a hands-on lesson in how kids learn.

As a scientist, Riskin is seeking facts. As a dad, he’s seeking advice. He’s concerned about his children’s growing desire to spend more time on screen — and how to manage the family fights that can arise as a result.”

(from https://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episodes/kids-vs-screens

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