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This table represents the grants for which HALO Investigators are assigned Principal Investigators or directly receive funding. This does not include all other projects that our investigators are involved with in the capacity of Co-Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators or participants.

Name of the PI(s) Organization/Agency Title of Project Amount (Year)
Adamo CIHR New Investigator Award $300,000


Adamo CIHR Activity Begins in Childhood (ABC)- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers $307,482


Adamo CHEO Research Institute Does regular physical activity during pregnancy effect placental gene expression? $30,000


Adamo The W. Garfield Weston Foundation award in Obesity and Reproductive Health The Effects of Obesity on Placental Gene Expression and Fetal Growth $18,000


Adamo Ministry of Research and Innovation Tackling the childhood obesity epidemic- starting with MOM $30,000


Adamo Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation Maternal Obesity Management ‘MOM’ Trial $30,000


Buchholz CIHR Canadian Pediatric Weight Management Registry (CANPWR): Identifying the characteristics of successful change in Canadian pediatric weight management programs. $50, 000.00


Chaput CIHR Effects of active video games on energy balance: a randomized crossover study in adolescents $100,000



Goldfield Heart & Stroke Foundation Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Cigarettes on Adiposity and Metabolism in Young Children $288,397


Hadjiyannakis Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) – AHSC AFP INNOVATION FUND – CHAMO Innovation Fund A New Clinical Staging Tool for Pediatric Obesity: Association with Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Quality of Life in Youth with Obesity $64,359.00


Hadjiyannakis CHEO Research Institute and Clinical Research Unit Clinical Research Capacity-Building Award Pediatric Research on Eating Disorders and Obesity $120,000.00


Longmuir Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada LIFE and Health for Young Children with Congenital Heart Defects $254,244


Longmuir Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund Putting Physical Literacy within REACH (Recreation, Education, Allied health, Coaching, Health care) $129,967


Longmuir/Pohl CHEO Research Institute Enhancing Physical Activity in Children with Epilepsy: Impact on Sleep and Fatigue $30,000


Longmuir Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario LIFFE for Cardiac Kids through Physical Activity $4993


Longmuir/Tremblay Ontario Trillium Foundation The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy: Building the Capacity of Ontario’s Sport and Recreation Sector to Enable Healthy, Active Lifestyles in Children $474,200


Tremblay Active Healthy Kids Canada 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card $130,000


Tremblay The Lawson Foundation Outdoor play promotion: systematic reviews and position stand $130,000


Tremblay/Chaput Pennington Biomedical Research Center (co-ordinating center) International Study of

Childhood Obesity,

Lifestyle and the

Environment (ISCOLE)

Canadian Site



Tremblay ParticipACTION 2015 Report Card on the Physical Activity of Children and Youth $87,000


Tremblay The Lawson Foundation

The CHEO Foundation (matching)

HALO Junior Research Chair Program $508,250



Tremblay Trevor Doyle

CHEO Foundation (matching)

Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research $500,000



Tremblay ParticipACTION/PHAC Learn to Play CAPL Monitoring $300,000


Tremblay Mitacs-Accelerate Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy – Graduate Research Program $466,667


Tremblay ParticipACTION/RBC Learn to Play CAPL Monitoring $300,000


Tremblay Mitacs Graduate Research Internship Grant Knowledge, awareness and uptake of new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines $15,000