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Dr. Geneviève Leduc Interviewed by Le Soleil About the ISCOLE Research Study
Posted in Media Coverage on 25 June 2012
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Dr. Geneviève Leduc, Project Manager for the International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment (ISCOLE), was recently interviewed about the study by Le Soleil in an article titled, “Une vie consacrée à la santé physique des enfants.” From the article: Depuis deux mois, [Dr. Geneviève Leduc] agit à titre de chef de projet au sein du programme de recherche Halo, qui se penche sur un protocole de recherche destiné…

Posted in on 2 May 2013
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Posted in on 2 May 2013
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How ISCOLE Children Performed on the Study Tests
Posted in on 2 May 2013
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Below are the overall test results for each fitness test. Please note that 212 children (80 boys and 132 girls) in Grade 5 participated in 2012-2013 and are included in these results. Plank Test The plank requires the student to maintain a straight body position, supported only on the forearms and toes. The time that the plank position can be maintained is recorded. Grip Strength The grip strength measures the force that the student can apply…

Posted in on 14 May 2011
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Name of the PI(s) Organization/Agency Title of Project Amount (Year) Adamo W. Garfield Weston Foundation The effects of obesity and excessive gestational weight gain (GWG) on placental lipid transport and fetal growth $20,000 (2012) Adamo CIHR Activity Begins in Childhood (ABC)- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers $153,000 (2012-2014) Adamo CIHR – INMD brid…

EXPIRED: Project Manager / Chef de projet
Posted in Careers on 13 February 2012
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The Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO) at the Children’s Hospital of  Eastern Ontario ResearchInstitute is the only full-time group in Canada dedicated solely to the issue of healthy active living and obesity research in children and youth.  HALO is committed to advancing research and understanding for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity and inactivity. As part of this responsibility, HALO has a mandate to trai…

Mr. Charles Boyer
Posted in on 15 May 2011
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Mr. Charles Boyer Research Assistant 613-737-7600 x4191 Position Research Assistant Degrees and Certifications Bsc. in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa (2008) MA in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa (2011) Research Interests Physical literacy in elementary school aged children Physical activity and fitness measurement in children Safety in youth hockey Projects in Progress International Study of Chi…

ARCHIVED: Ms. Priscilla Belanger
Posted in on 7 September 2012
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Ms. Priscilla Belanger Degrees and Certifications: B.Sc. Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa M.Sc. Community Health – Université de Montreal Research Interests: Social, environmental and physical determinants of health Health promotion and disease prevention Physical activity and recreation access for children Fitness, physical activity and motor development measurements Project in Progress: LIFE and Health for Children with Complex Hear…

KIDS-CAN Researchers Make Presentations at Conference in Mozambique
Posted in Presentations on 27 March 2014
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Graduate students Stella Muthuri (HALO) and Joy Wachira (Kenyatta University) made presentations at the Physical Activity and Sports for Health and Development in Africa Conference in Maputo, Mozambique this week. The authors and titles of the presentations are provided below and details of the conference are available at: Wachira LJM, Muthuri SK, Tremblay MS, OnyweraVO. Scho…

HALO Researchers Join Researchers from 10 Countries Around the World
Posted in Meetings on 19 September 2010
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HALO researchers, Drs. J.P. Chaput and Mark Tremblay, join with researchers from 10 other countries around the world to plan for the International Study of Childhood Obesity Lifestyle and the Environment (ISCOLE) – planning meetings were held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Dr. Vincent Onywera from Nairobi, Kenya who studied with HALO Research group for three months in 2009 is also working on this project…