Dr. Kristi Adamo, a Research Scientist with HALO, was successful in two recent CIHR grant competitions. Details of the funded grants are below:

Activity Begins in Childhood- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers
Principal Investigator: Kristi Adamo
Co-investigators: Gary Goldfield, Rachel Colley, PJ Naylor (Victoria), Vivienne Temple (Victoria), Nick Barrowman
Operating Grant: Inst of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes Bridge Funding

It is known that today’s children are more overweight than in years past and physical inactivity is a contributing factor. Opportunities for physical activity (PA) and motor development in early childhood may, over the lifespan, influence health behaviours and the potential to maintain health body weight. Modeling and promoting positive behaviour in the early years is imperative for the development of lifelong health habits. Research indicates that preschool aged children are not active enough to accrue health benefits and social and physical environments where children spend their time have a powerful influence on behaviour. Since the majority of Canadian preschool children spend time in a nonparental/guardian ‘daycare’ setting, this provides an ideal setting to examine the ability of an intervention to enhance the movement skills and modify PA behaviour. The current study will test the efficacy of a PA intervention aimed to increase preschoolers overall PA levels and decrease the amount of time spent in sedentary behaviour. We will also look at whether or not such an intervention will impact body composition and fundamental, gross motor skills.

Obesity Prevention from Conception: a workshop to guide the development of a pan Canadian trial targeting the gestational period
Principal Investigators: Dr. Adamo and Dr. Dodd (Australia)
Co-investigators: Dr. V. Senikas (SOGC), Dr. S. ATKINSON (McMaster-MICYRN), Ms. M. DUGGAN (CSEP), Dr. L. GAUDET (Moncton), Dr. L. MAGEE (UBC), Dr. M. MOTTOLA (Western), Docteur R. RABASA-LHORET (UMontreal-ICRM), Dr. ROSSITER (Mount St. Vincent University), Prof. A. SHARMA (Alberta-CON), Dr. G. SHEN (Manitoba), Dr. D. STACEY (Ottawa), Dr. I. STRYCHAR (Montreal)
Planning Grant

Pre-pregnancy BMI and the amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy are predictors of child birth weight and later life obesity in not only mothers but their children as well. Researchers with expertise in the area of maternal obesity, weight gain in pregnancy and pregnancy-related disease as well as other relevant knowledge users will be invited to attend a one day workshop and symposium to discuss the development of a cross-Canada lifestyle intervention trial for overweight/obese pregnant women. The goal of this intervention is to reduce downstream obesity in children of these mothers through encouraging appropriate weight gain during pregnancy. The planned workshop will serve to i) inform the development of a lifestyle intervention for women with a high pre-pregnancy BMI, ii) identify site investigators representing the various regions of Canada, iii) guide the development of a CIHR grant focusing on the health of mom and baby and iv) initiate discussions relating to an Australian-Canadian collaboration with a team who shares an interest in obesity during pregnancy, and the implications for future development of obesity in infant and early childhood obesity.