One of Dr. Kristi Adamo’s research studies, “Activity Begins in Childhood,” was recently profiled in an article titled, “Getting kids to move is as easy as learning their ABCs,” from the June 6th edition of the Ottawa Citizen.

From the article:

The early years have been identified as a critical time point to develop the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits that will carry over into their adult life. These healthy habits may help reduce the frequency of downstream obesity. For this reason HALO researchers set out to make a difference in the lives of young children through their new research study titled Active Begins in Childhood (ABC) funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research. The goal of the research study is to increase the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity — the type of activity that gets children to use their big muscles and gets them sweaty and out of breath and to decrease the amount of sedentary time that children engage in. The children targeted in this study are all preschool children, aged three to five years who are currently enrolled in a full time licensed daycare.

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