As noted earlier this week, HALO researchers made 10 presentations at the Canadian Obesity Summit that was held in Toronto last week.

Several HALO presenters — including Dr. Kristi Adamo, Dr. Zach Ferraro and Stacey Alpous — as well as HALO Alumnus Dr. Travis Saunders received awards. Details are below:

  • Dr. Kristi Adamo. Faculty Supervisor Award.

Some of the supporting entries for Dr. Adamo’s nomination included the following:

“Kristi fosters a community of support and is a self-less mentor who truly cares about the team, their goals, and well-being. This balance is uncanny. No concern goes unattended, her door always open.In my humble opinion Dr. Adamo is one of, if not the best, mentor in Canada and well-deserving of the CON-SNP supervisor award.”

“As a supervisor Kristi is a nurturing mentor, with the ability to harness the utmost potential and productivity from her graduate students. For example, her focus on trainee development and constructive feedback during the writing process is appreciated and improves trainee confidence in public speaking and academic publication. Uniquely, this is accomplished without pressure or a “success or failure” mentality. She is patient and makes the learning process enjoyable. Importantly, when things inevitably do not go as planned, she is never short on potential solutions; such foresight is invaluable.”

“Dr. Adamo is admired from the top-down and the bottom-up, as students and colleagues alike truly enjoy collaborating and working with her. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we recommend Dr. Adamo for the CON-SNP Faculty Supervisor Award”

Other award winners included:

  • Dr. Zach Ferraro. Oral New Professional Award (2nd place) for his presentation, “Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain: Moving Towards the Next Generation of Smart Moms”.
  • Stacey Alpous. Poster New Professional Award (1st place) for her presentation, “Physical Literacy Screening Tasks for practitioners without specialist training in physical activity”.
  • Dr. Travis Saunders. Poster New Professional Award (2nd place) for his presentation, “Associations of sedentary behaviour, light physical activity and moderate to vigorous physical activity with clinical and psychological outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation”.



(Photo: from left, Kimberly Grattan, Shanna Wilson, Dr. Kristi Adamo, Dr. Zach FerraroTaru Manyanga and Alysha Harvey)