HALO Clinical Associate Scientist Dr. Annick Buchholz was recently awarded the 2018 Shining Star Award for Discovery and Learning at CHEO! This award recognizes an individual or team who encourages dynamic learning and discovery to improve the health of children, youth and families.  The recipient always strives to expand their knowledge base, recognize the value of research, teach and transfer knowledge. The recipient seeks out and identifies opportunities for learning and discovery that result in positive outcomes.

From CHEOnet:

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Buchholz is an investigator for multiple research projects at the Centre for Healthy Active Living.  She recently created a workshop on supporting body image for parents of children and adolescents with obesity.  Parents were highly engaged by the content and Dr. Buchholz was able to respond to parents’ questions and concerns by drawing in her vast knowledge of literature in eating disorders, mental health, health, weight management, and body image.  She provided accessible, free resources on evidence-based approaches to supporting healthy body image development to parents, who took these up with enthusiasm.  She supervises and mentors numerous undergraduate honours thesis, masters, and PhD students.  To summarize, 30 years into her clinical career, Dr. Buchholz stays current with cutting edge research, and brings this knowledge with her into all aspects of her work, as well as imparting her knowledge to other professionals and trainees.

Congratulations, Annick!