Many researchers and students (former and current) from Dr. Mark Tremblay’s research group presented at the virtual International Society for Physical Activity and Health Congress (October 8-14;

Presentation authors and titles are listed below, with HALOites (current and former) in bold.

Bentsen P, Tremblay MS, de Lannoy L, Lee E-Y. Play, Learning, and Teaching Outdoors Network (PLaTO-Net): International Consensus on Terminology, Taxonomy, and Ontology. Symposium presentation.

González SA, Sarmiento OL, Florez A, Katzmarzyk PT, Chaput JP, Tremblay MS. Prevalence and correlates of excessive recreational screen time among Colombian children and adolescents.

Katzmarzyk PT, Broyles ST, Chaput JP, Fogelholm M, Hu G, Lambert EV, Maher C, Maia JAR, Olds T, Onywera V, Sarmiento OL, Standage M, Tremblay MS, Tudor-Locke C. Human development and variability in accelerometry-derived physical activity metrics in children.

Larouche R, Moore SA, Bélanger M, Brussoni M, Faulkner G, Gunnell K, Tremblay MS. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on active transportation among Canadian children: results from two national surveys.

Rollo S, Roberts K, Bang F, Carson V, Chaput JP, Colley R, Janssen I, Tremblay MS. Socio-demographic factors associated with meeting the Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines among adults and older adults.

Rollo S, Roberts KC, Bang F, Carson V, Chaput JP, Colley RC, Janssen I, Tremblay MS. Health associations with meeting the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults and Older Adults.
Tremblay MS, Rollo S, Kuzik NC, Saunders TJ. SBRN’s Evidence-Based School-Related Sedentary Behaviour Recommendations. Symposium presentation.